Annual Maintenance Requirements


  1. Zinc Anodes mounted on transducer pipes must be inspected when possible and replaced yearly. (Excessive erosion of Zinc Anodes indicates improper grounding)
  2. Transducer must be inspected yearly. Signs of aquatic life accumulation on the shield or inside the shield must be corrected for best sonar performance. Remove shield if required and clean transducer active face and shield with muriatic acid.


  1. Hoists Actuators should be inspected monthly for sufficient grease on Actuator shaft.
  2. Packing glands should be greased and checked for leaks regularly. Replace packing material as required. (Caution do not over tighten hoist compression gland as it will overload the actuator)
  3. Hoist pipe and Sea-chest must not vibrate. If this is occurring inspect Sea-Chest guides for excessive wear or improper adjustment and readjust or replace UHMW slider blocks or improve support to Sea-Chest.
  4. Hoist pipes must be connected to ships electrical ground at all times. (Ensure pipe is properly grounded)
  5. Hoist pipe openings must not be exposed to water or spray. If water is detected inside hoist pipes this may indicates problems with the transducer to pipe interface and should be corrected immediately.


  1. All cases must be connected to ships electrical ground at all times.
  2. When inspecting electronics, ensure AC power is disconnected before changing boards, connecting cables, or removing, or replacing parts.
  3. Fans must be checked for free running operation regularly.
  4. All Indicator Lights must be Lit or flashing appropriately. (See troubleshooting section)
  5. Cases must be positioned in areas free of continuous water spray and in an area with maximum ambient temperature of 40°C.
  6. Case seals should be inspected for signs of water leakage. Cases should be inspected for signs of corrosion.
  7. Appropriate fuses must be installed if changing main AC supply voltages or upgrading to RDT. (Standard fuse will be installed before shipping from factory)
  8. Ensure all cable connections are securely fastened.

  9. Annual Maintenance