360° Omni Directional Sonar

MAQ Sonar Equipment

MAQ Sonar specializes in a group of 360° Omni directional commercial fishing sonar built to be the best solution for shallow water, near surface and pelagic species fishing. With no more blind areas to think about, the operator can focus on the tilt, range and fishing area.

The 5° advantage (Vertical Beam Width) is one major factor that you need to carefully consider. Read more...

Each MAQ Sonar system comes with the following components and features:   

Universal Electronics, designed for all frequency transducers, are enclosed in rugged steel sealed cabinets to prevent corrosion and are cooled using heat pumps. Each unit has color coded plug-in components to facilitate easy installation and quick turn-around repairs when needed.
Transducer hoists use ball-screw electric actuators for efficient high speed retraction.
Transducers designed to be rugged while at the same time sensitive enough to detect the hard-to-detect fish.
Captain’s chair joystick control.
Interface to popular navigation and net monitoring systems.
Free software updates via internet.

Operator Features

Wake trail and true north indicator.
Target latitude/longitude display and output.
Bow Up or North Up navigation modes.
Automatic Event marker displays fish heading and speed.
Manual Event marker allows 10 event marks and 10 vessel position marks.
Vertical profile and zoom mode.
Automatic target tracking with target trail, speed and course estimation.
Programmable tonnage readout.
True Audio.
Vertical beam width selection at 5°, 10° or 20°.
Multi-language control panel.
Water temperature sensing to 0.1 degree.
Propeller noise rejecter.

Operating Modes

Omni Mode
Provides a full situation display with each transmission.
Tracking Mode
Displays partial beam stabilization over a 180° region.
Search Mode
In rough seas the Search Mode displays partial sector beam stabilization over two 180° alternating regions.
Vertical Tracking Mode
Alternating tilt angles above and below the target allow the operator to gauge changes in the depth of the fish.
Trawl Mode
Allows the operator to simultaneously operate the sonar at two separate ranges, tilt angles, gains and filter settings. As an example the top screen can be set at 750 meters with a tilt of 6° searching surface and mid-water while using the bottom screen can be set at 400 meters with a tilt of 13°.