RDT (Rotational Directional Transmit)

MAQ Sonar Equipment

In a standard Omni system all elements (256) transmit a pulse at the same pulse phase to produce a transmit pulse in the all directions.

In RDT during transmission four 90° sectors of the transducer array (64 Elements) are phased to concentrate maximum acoustic energy into four directions (beams) in the horizontal direction. This is a 6db increase in transmit power in each of the four directions.

Phase adjustment is how an omni sonar can tilt the transmit and receive beams vertically in standard omni modes. From +10° to -45°.

By transmitting 8 discreet pulses at the beginning of each transmit/receive cycle each rotated 11.25° the RDT transmit cycle fully covers the area with the 6db increased transmitter pulse output and increases the detection distance in RDT mode.

RDT Rotational Directional Transmit  





RDT Description