Squid fishing on the Ocean Angel II on the West Coast of the United States

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(Ottawa, Canada June 8th 2009)
The MAQ 90, well known, for detecting Mackerel, Herring, Tuna, Sardine, Anchovy and other pelagic species, is now being used to find Squid in the day and night fishery on the West Coast of the United States.

In May 2009, prior to the official start of the squid season off the coast of California, MAQ installed a MAQ 90 on a vessel whose primary fisheries are Mackerel, Sardine, Anchovy and Squid. During the sales process the captain indicated that he fished squid in both the day time and night time fishery and was wondering if the MAQ could see squid in smaller schools. "We had reports that the MAQ90 was seeing squid in Europe. Based on its acoustic signature we felt confident that it would work” said the Marketing and Sales Manager for MAQ Sonar. The Sunday after the installation MAQ received a voice mail from the customer that simply said “The MAQ 90 sees squid at 1200ft!!"

When we called the captain, he indicated that the on first day he used the MAQ 90 on Squid, he brought in 42 tonnes, when the average daily catch had previously been about 20 tonnes. "We are still working on getting the prefect settings to yield even better results but these results are impressive," Jeff the captain of the Ocean Angel II indicated. “One of the features I like about this sonar is that I can save the Squid settings and switch between it and another setting when fishing other species. This is a great sonar!"

Skip Harrison, from Neptune Electronics, installed the sonar. "What an easy installation for a high tech piece of gear! Setting it up was very easy.” Ernest Cottreau, a technical consultant for MAQ and owner of Fundy Marine Electronic assisted in the installation. “It takes about a day for a full installation and test of the Sonar. The MAQ 90 fits in a very small area which makes it ideal for smaller vessels." said Ernest during the installation. "The 90 KHz systems are great for detecting fish at 800m to 900m".

The MAQ 90 is a 90 KHz Omni Sonar that fits into any sea-chest that has a 7.5 inch inside diameter or larger. It comes with either an 18 inch short stroke hoist for small vessels or a full sized 36 inch stroke hoist. For more details we invite you to visit MAQ Sonar on the web at

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