Hake Fishing with the Ocean Invader

In 2013 a 60 KHz was installed on the Ocean Invader on the West Coast of Canada.

This vessel is a midwater trawler and the first fishery they were going to use the sonar on was Hake. This vessel was already equipped with an Omni Sonar from our competitor but the captain was hoping for better results with the MAQ.

The captain first commented how easily the MAQ picked up targets compared to his other sonar. As he was searching for hake, which school up near the bottom, he needed better discrimination. With the 5° beam of the MAQ he was able to see the schools close to the bottom. He commented how the wider beam of his other sonar would pick up too many unwanted targets at long distance.

The first two days they were really pleased to have caught over 40 metric tons of hake.

When asked for what surprised him the most the captain said it was the detection distance he was getting with the MAQ 60. He reported 2000 m detection distance on schools.

The captain told us he was looking forward to using the sonar in other fisheries.

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Hake Fishing Canada