Tuna Fishing in Ireland with the Ocean Pioneer

Due to the nature of the schooling up of the Albacore Tuna at night the Sonar becomes very important to their success. One captain, Niall Deasy, told us briefly some facts about the fishery.

While on the West Coast of the USA they fish in the daytime in Ireland the fishing is mostly at night and in this case with a pelagic trawl.

Up till now the full quota has not been caught for the Albacore in Ireland. The quota is a national quota for all boats so it is fished an “Olympic” fishery—the best fisherman catches the most tuna.

Captain Deasy mentioned they had gone late to the fishery as the fishing the previous season had been a disaster and they opted to stay fishing in a different fishery. Result this first year they only fished for two nights. The fishing only last about 4 hours each night from about 11 pm to 3 am.

Deasy was quite happy to have caught 40 MT for the two nights and would have caught a lot more tuna except they had a problem with their pelagic trawl net. He mentioned his detection of tuna in bait fish schools is excellent with the 90 KHz as the discrimination is so good.

Captain Deasy told us : “The sonar worked well and pity we did not have a few more nights.”

They were generally fishing between 400-650 meters and the fish were at a depth at night around 25 fathoms.

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Tuna Fishing in Ireland with the Ocean Pioneer