The first Omni Sonar for the commercial fishing industry

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MAQ Sonar display in rough waters.
Fishing boat.
MAQ Sonar displaying on screen.

Discover another dimension with MAQ

360° Stabilized Omni Sonar

MAQ Sonar detects small schools even in rough seas.

Flexible Electronics

MAQ Sonar allows the use of a 22KHz, 60KHz, or 90KHz transducer, making it superior to our competitors at every depth.

MAQ Benefits

Why Sonar?

Making money is and will always be about decreasing costs while increasing performance. Sonar promises less fuel used, less by-catch, less damage to the fishery, and less time on sea reducing chances for injury.

Less Destructive Practices

With the Omni sonar, it is possible to see the front, back, sides, and height of the school of fish to be caught. If the school is too large for a single net, Omni sonar allows the fisherman to first see that it is too large, and then allows him to fish only the back of the school reducing the chances of killing the balance of the school.

Reduction in By-Catch

Based on signal strength and relative positioning of the fish school, it is possible for a fisherman to find only the species he is fishing. This means less by-catch and a more productive fishery.

Longevity and Reliability

Outside of the hoist used to lower the sonar, the MAQ Omni sonar has no other moving parts, and with some of the vessels having had the same sonar for up to 20 years.

Detection Range and Versatility

The Omni sonar is designed to find fish in shallow waters. With our 5° vertical beam, detection distance is 20 times the depth on soft bottom and 10 times the depth on hard (rocky) bottom. The 5° Vertical Beam allows for the best “near surface species” performance as well as superior near bottom shallow water detection.

Time and Fuel Savings

The Omni can find schools of fish faster—the quicker a catch is located the sooner speed can be reduced. The Omni can approximate size/weight so that larger schools can be selected and smaller schools bypassed. It will allow a fisherman to select small schools of fish and track them so that multiple small schools can be combined in one drop of the net to maximize the catch size. This means reducing fuel costs and running time.


Over 30 Years of Experience

In 1978, MAQ Sonar designed and built the first Omni sonar for the commercial fishing industry. With more than 30 years of experience, we have continually listened to fishermen to develop new products for their needs.

MAQ Sonar employee building the sonar products.
The inside view of an MAQ Sonar transceiver.

Tech Support 24/7

MAQ Sonar offers 24/7 Technical Support to Distributors and provides technical documentation support.

Proven Results

MAQ on the Water

After trying the MAQ Sonar, our clients won't go without it.

Ocean Invader

Hake Fishing with the Ocean Invader

Canada's West Coast

This vessel was already equipped with an Omni Sonar from our competitor but the captain was hoping for better results with the MAQ.

When asked for what surprised him the most the captain said it was the detection distance he was getting with the MAQ 60. He reported 2000 m detection distance on schools.

Commercial fishing boat that uses MAQ Sonar products.

Oubul Van Dyk - Skipper of Silver Katonkel

South Africa

"I don't ever want another sonar, when the owners want to move me to a bigger vessel I will go but not without my MAQ...Especially in the shallow water and patches of bad ground the sonar works excellent where the guys with the other brands struggle to detect fish. If the ground is too hard the MAQ works excellent with the 5° beam and we fish most of the time in this area."

New Zealand tuna Troller

Dave Kellian - Captain of FV ICHI Tuna Troller

New Zealand

"From the beginning the MAQ90 has far exceeded my expectations. It has been so easy to use and we got results from the very first usage off the Garden Patch on Albacore. I was seeing Albacore at 400 m. On the first day, 400 fish versus other vessels 100-150 fish. It's fishing from patch to patch and following schools to come back on them. Consistent 700 to 800 fish per day. It has really opened my eyes and I cannot ever see Albacore Trolling without my MAQ 90. I can see a huge potential for using my sonar over a range of fisheries."

MAQ Worldwide

Distributor Network

You can purchase our products and have your MAQ Sonar equipment serviced in most countries.

Map icon linking to the distributor list for each continent.
Map icon linking to the distributor list for each continent.
Map icon linking to the distributor list for each continent.
Map icon linking to the distributor list for each continent.
Map icon linking to the distributor list for each continent.
Map icon linking to the distributor list for each continent.

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